Federal Judge Aileen Cannon isn't just leaning in to support Donald Trump, she's falling all over him. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Liberal media stupidity.
Unfortunately for stocks, the Fed is showing no sign of backing off its hawkish stance anytime soon. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Madness!
Over their lifetimes, all the illegal immigrants President Biden has so far added to the United States will cost us about $100 billion. New York Post


Judge Raymond Dearie, 78, directed lawyers for the former president and Department of Justice prosecutors to submit agenda items for the Sept. 20 preliminary conference. New York Post
After India’s prime minister said that now is not the time for war, an increasingly isolated Mr. Putin threatened “more serious” actions in Ukraine while insisting he was ready for talks. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Putin is mad and the people of Russia must take action.
In a video posted on social media on Tuesday, the de facto leader of a Russian mercenary group explained to Russian convicts how they could earn their freedom by fighting in Ukraine. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Their mad.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told some Senate Democrats he believes his party won't keep control of the House, according to a report.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: The Dems must lose control of the House and Senate.
More than 230,000 Haitians and Cubans have risked lives on makeshift boats or trekked to the U.S.-Mexico border this year to seek asylum.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Biden has opened all the US borders.
Tensions over a federal civil-rights probe into the University of Vermont surged Friday as leading Jewish groups took on the president after he defended the school's response to allegations of anti-Semitism now under federal probe. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden is showing his disdain of Jews.


American military leaders may have violated federal law in apparent rapid-fire denials of religious exemptions to the Defense Department's COVID-19 vaccination mandate, a national religious civil liberties law firm said late Friday. Washington Times
A Montana state judge has determined three laws passed by Montana's Republican-controlled legislature to regulate activities on university campuses are unconstitutional, including one that sought to ban transgender women from participating on female collegiate sports teams. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The Judge is a liberal idiot.
A Texas judge on Friday expanded her order blocking the state from investigating families of transgender youth who have received gender- affirming medical care. Washington Times
A leading Biden administration cyber official is warning that the barriers to entry for cyberattackers seeking to influence elections have become "really low," with the midterm elections looming less than two months away. Washington Times

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Two prominent Democrats have asked colleagues to pony up more taxpayer money to welcome illegal immigrants to the U.S., saying Texas's effort to bus migrants deep into the interior is putting a strain on blue states. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: What about the money for the needy border states?
Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are bracing for Tropical Storm Fiona. ABC
Republicans are cheering the transportation of migrants while Democrats condemn call it a heartless political stunt. ABC
VOA VIEW: Dems are getting a taste of what "sanctuary" really means.


Gov. Jim Justice signed an abortion ban into law days after West Virginia lawmakers passed a bill banning nearly all abortions with limited exceptions. ABC
VOA VIEW: Extremism is not good.
The Biden administration is moving one step closer to developing a central bank digital currency, known as the digital dollar ABC
VOA VIEW: Fools!
Facebook parent company's challenges are mounting and investors continue to bail. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Meta should go down.
The CEO's pessimism came after FedEx missed estimates on revenue and earnings in its first quarter. CNBC
VOA VIEW: It will go down hard if Dems win in November.
Hispanic workers have been disproportionately affected by past recessions and the next one will likely be no different, according to Wells Fargo. CNBC
VOA VIEW: All are hurting now and will hurt more.

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When it comes to offshore wind, the U.S. has a long way to go to catch up with Europe. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden is mad.
Germany's reticence has prompted critics to look for ulterior motives for its reluctance — with some citing World War II. CNBC
A strong dollar is good for vacationers but hurts investors in multinational companies and international stocks, experts say. CNBC

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Photos show migrants living on the streets of El Paso, Texas, with Border Patrol processing centers at capacity amid a surge at the southern border. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Harris should visit her allegedly closed border.
The British pound sank to its lowest level against the U.S. dollar in nearly four decades on Friday, after renewed fears of a recession for the UK economy. UPI
VOA VIEW: The US will hit the low if Dems prevail in November
More people are increasingly unable to afford groceries or pay their mortgages due to medical debt, according to new research published Friday. UPI
VOA VIEW: The problem is greater than being reported.
Seven defendants pleaded guilty in various schemes to defraud the Post-9/11 GI Bill education benefits program, involving over $100 million in losses to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Justice said. UPI
Most Americans nationwide say they support the legal right for same-sex couples to marry in the United States and favor legislative efforts to codify it into federal law, according to a new survey. UPI
VOA VIEW: Very few cares.
Rising interest rates and various market conditions around the world could lead to a global recession next year, according to an analysis by the World Bank. UPI
VOA VIEW: They may be right.
Ukrainian authorities say that a burial site with at least 440 unmarked graves has been found in a city in eastern Ukraine, which was recently among the many areas retaken from Russian forces. UPI
VOA VIEW: Putin must pay for his inhumanity.
Taiwan on Friday called the growing ties between Russia and China a threat to global peace and said that the international community should join together to "prevent the expansion of authoritarianism." UPI
VOA VIEW: The words are true.
President Joe Biden lambasted the Republican governors of Florida and Texas for sending migrants north to Democratic states, saying they are putting politics above the lives of vulnerable people. UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden is looking bad.
The Biden administration imposed a slew of punitive measures targeting Russia on Thursday as the Kremlin warned the United States against crossing the "red line" by sending Kyiv longe-rang artillery. UPI
VOA VIEW: Putin will test Biden's weakness.

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