The renewal of ties between bitter rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran, brokered by China, heralds the shifting geopolitics in the Middle East. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Biden has fused Saudi-Iranian ties.
New York City is doing its own "decompression strategy" to combat President Biden's surging migrant crisis, Mayor Eric Adams said Wednesday — as the Big Apple braces for a hefty 10-year backlog to process asylum seekers. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Adams has been a total failure.
The move would be the most dramatic in a series of recent steps by US officials and legislators who have raised fears that TikTok's US user data could be passed on to China's government.  New York Post
VOA VIEW: Tik-Tok must be banned from the US.


Ukraine and Russia are both running low on ammunition, and both are scrambling to replenish their stocks and gain a competitive edge. New York Times
VOA VIEW: The end result will be a while.
Blackrock CEO Larry Fink, who runs the world's largest money manager, warned of a "slow rolling crisis" following the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: This has turned out to be another Biden crises.
California Rep. Mark Takano isn't the only House member to push a bill in Congress calling for a four-day workweek. Previous efforts have failed.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: It will be bad for business and workers.
Two federal judges appointed by former President Trump warned law schools to "crack down" on student interruptions, as many institutions have seen student activists shut down conservative guest speakers. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: It must change for the future of the US.
Judaism is the most favorably viewed religion in the United States, according to a new Pew Research Center study, despite a rise in antisemitic incidents across the country. Washington Times
California Gov. Gavin Newsom pushed for the federal government to bail out Silicon Valley Bank, an institution with which he had business and personal accounts, according to an investigative report. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Newsom had a personal gain in Biden's stupidity.


Homeland Security nabbed 154,998 illegal immigrants coming across the southwestern border in February, or about the same as January, which officials said was further proof that their new carrot-and-stick approach is working. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The southern border is still in a state of crises.
Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, called on Stanford officials to reprimand the students who last week shouted down a speech by a conservative federal judge, as well as fire the administrator who scolded the guest speaker instead of the agitators. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: It should be done.
TikTok may split from its Chinese-owned parent company, ByteDance, to deal with privacy concerns in the U.S. about the video-sharing app. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Tik-Tok should be banned and not trusted to do anything that will hurt is relations with China.
First Amendment experts say attacks on free speech rights are escalating across the United States ABC
VOA VIEW: The liberals, Marxists. and the woke are the main cause.

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Shares of Credit Suisse fell more than 26% in early trading on Wednesday amid fallout from Silicon Valley Bank collapse. ABC
VOA VIEW: Madness!
White House national security spokesman John Kirby has said the U.S. was trying to prevent the fallen drone from getting into the wrong hands. CBS
VOA VIEW: Nothing will happen.
Some bank customers are fretting over whether their cash is secure after the failure of Silicon Valley Bank. . CBS


The White House called on congressional Republicans to ban assault weapons, which will almost certainly be rejected by the GOP. CBS
VOA VIEW: It won't happen.
Goldman on Wednesday lowered its 2023 economic growth forecast, citing a pullback in lending from small- and medium-sized banks. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden did it again - created a mess.
West Texas Intermediate futures fell more than 6% to $66.85 per barrel. That would be WTI's biggest one-day drop since July 12, 2022. CNBC
Pricy vacations have helped revive airline profits in recent months. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Time will tell if there is a holdback.
Meta is "refining" its distributed work model as part of its "year of efficiency" CNBC
VOA VIEW: Working from home there is a lot of inefficiency.

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If DeSantis violated Florida ethics laws, he should face the "severe penalties" including ballot disqualification, the pro-Trump super PAC argued. CNBC
Homebuilder confidence rose in March for the third straight month, but sales expectations over the next six months fell. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Wishful thinking and financing are two different things.
Foxconn, a major iPhone supplier and Apple vendor, warned that it expected a decline in consumer electronics demand in the coming year. CNBC
VOA VIEW: There will be a drop of many demands.

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House Republican leadership likely won't focus on antitrust legislation, giving a key victory to the tech giants of Google, Amazon and Apple. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Puzzling!
In December 2022, $1,981 was the typical monthly rent in the United States — a 7.4% increase from the year prior. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The government should make no controls.
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin vowed on Wednesday that US aircraft will continue to "fly and to operate wherever international law allows," one day after Russian aircraft hit a US drone over the Black Sea, forcing it to be brought down in international waters. CNN
VOA VIEW: Russia should not tempt sleepy weak Biden.
West Virginia health figures released Wednesday show that the state has surpassed 8,000 COVID-19 deaths in the past three years. There have been 29 deaths reported this week. FOX News
A legal scholar, Ilya Shapiro, was invited to speak at Denver University's law school but was called a racist by students who demanded his lecture be canceled. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Free speech is under attack by the liberals and woke.
Americans hold a favorable view of some of the country's largest religious groups, but have a negative view of Muslims, according to a new poll by Pew Research. UPI
VOA VIEW: Muslims are their own major problem.
The Kellogg Company is rebranding its snack and cereal products under different names, the company announced Wednesday. The company's snacks will be listed under the brand "Kellanova" and cereals under "WK Kellogg Co." UPI
VOA VIEW: A mistake.
A lawsuit being argued before a federal judge in Texas Wednesday could halt nationwide distribution of a popular but controversial abortion drug that has been used for decades to terminate early pregnancies. UPI
North Korea confirmed the launch of two medium-range ballistic missiles, state media reported Wednesday, warning that its military would "surely annihilate the enemy if they fight it." UPI
VOA VIEW: NK is pushing it be crushed like the bug, it is.

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